Shannon's is kicking off our Fly Tying season with John Collins' take on an old favorite, the Hare's Ear. He will tie several varieties of Hare'
s Ear including a soft hackle and even a Hare's Ear Bugger! Classes begin at 9:30 am and are free. Please bring your vise and tools along with a selection of tying thread. Other materials will be provided.
Look for some great tyers to be on board as usual: In addition to JC, look for Matt Grobert, Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions, Bill Ninke of Central Jersey TU, John Cavanaugh and Allen Landheer to name a few. It is a solid lineup of some of our area's best tyers.

In addition, the Beginner's Class on Saturday mornings (same time, 9:30 am and free format) is being conducted by Stan Marciniak of Jersey Shore TU and is getting great reviews from his students. This class will be held basically every Saturday except for the show weekends in November and January. We have a limited number of equipment sets for the beginners to use.

Bubba will be back in December so let's hope for some rain! -JH

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