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    I took a ride late yesterday morning to a favorite Pocono stream because I had to get out fishing to keep my head from exploding. I found the water levels as expected, extremely low and slow. There were large quantities of leaves piled up on the river bottom in the eddies but the flowing water was relatively clear of leaves.

    There were a few fish rising in a foam line at a discharge of which I managed to take a small brown of about ten inches on a size 18 Griffith's Gnat. After finding no more rising fish I began nymphing the few runs that were still in fair shape due to the low water conditions.

    I tied on my go-to point fly in a size 16 jig nymph with pearl quill ribbing and orange hot spot. For a dropper I selected something different for me, A Partridge and Orange that I had tied up a few weeks back after reading an old Small Stream Reflections.

    The first fish took my jigged nymph, a brown about twelve inches that I thought looked quite lean for this time of year. The next five fish, all similar in size all took the P&O which was a surprise to me as I seldom fish wet flies as my droppers. As with the first fish, all these fish too were what I thought very lean for this time of year.

    The wind made for a difficult time, but at least I got out for a few hours to enjoy the fall day.

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    Re: Poconos

    The Partridge and Orange is one of my go to flies. You can't really fish it wrong, swing it, dead drift, as a nymph or in the film. I've caught trout with the rod tucked under my are and the fly hanging in the current.

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