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    Difference a day makes

    Fished the SBR below 78 on Saturday and Sunday from mid morning to mid afternoon on both days. The water was warm but certainly cooler than the air which made wet wading a pleasure. Saturday I couldn't keep the little smallmouths off the hook. I must have caught fifty fish, most in the usual 6"-9" size with a few fish at 12"-13".
    Most anything I threw at them they ate. White bugger, chartreuse barred bunny and lead eyed craw were the top producers.
    Even those little SMB put a nice bend in the rod and offer up a good bit of resistance before coming to hand.

    Sunday I returned to the same area and fished down river from where I parked to explore some new water. It looked ideal for fish but the strikes were few and far between as compared to the day before with exactly the same weather conditions and time of day. I had fished down to about as far as I wanted to travel with only a couple of fish for my efforts, wondering why I hadn't at least had a few more takes.
    I decided to hike back up river to fish the productive areas from Saturday to see if those spots would be as productive as the day before. The answer was a definitive no. The spots that had multiple fish fighting over my streamer the day before were also non-productive.
    So I finished up the day with but a handful of small fish but I did scope out some new water that I will try again another day.

    I ran into another fellow fly fishing on my trip back up river on Sunday. He inquired as to how I was doing trout fishing. I asked him to repeat his question as I thought I had misunderstood his inquiry regarding trout. When he repeated his question, I responded that I was bass fishing and the water was probably at least 10° too hot to be trout fishing these waters.
    He also asked some questions about trout fishing the SBR and I responded that I did very little trout fishing in this river except for an occasional foray in the Claremont Stretch, to which he responded that his buddy was up there today trout fishing. I kind of looked away, rolled my eyes and at that point bid him a good day and moved on.

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    Re: Difference a day makes

    There are FAR too many that dont own a thermonmeter and or don't care what the water temps are...blows my mind cause these same guys go bass fishing and know the water temps to adjust their approach....
    nice report, i know that water very well

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