Today I fished the upper stretch of a LV trout stream in the overcast drizzle. Nymphing was fair with at least a half dozen mixed browns and rainbows landed with an equal amount of long line releases. The fly of choice was the Ray Charles in tan, a pattern that has been producing for me lately on a fairly regular basis in both the LV and Pocono areas.
I had reached the farthest upstream I had intended to fish, the junction of where this stream and it's little brother join just as the light rain began to pick up. Looking upstream to the tail-out of the first pool above the junction I thought I detected a few fish rising, or was that just the rain drops on the water? Yes it was rising fish to a small but noticed olive hatch. I quickly changed over my nymphing leader on my 10' 3 wt. to a dry fly leader and added two feet of 5x tippet and an olive sparkle dun. My very first cast yielded a take that I just flat out missed. Yes, I suck. A few casts later to another rising fish resulted in another take and this time I was a bit more on the stick and hooked up with a fish that ran all over the lower end of the pool. That fish turned out to be a nice twelve inch wild brookie.

I waited a few minutes and another fish began to rise again at the tail of the pool. After about a half dozen casts I had another take, this time a brown that put on a little aerial show before coming to net.

After that the pool went silent and I called it a day and hiked back to the car.

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