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    Tim L. NEFF Guest

    Exclamation October fishing in Jan!

    Well, it feels like October, anyway. 50 degrees, sunny, and a little
    breezy, and a new rod burning a hole in my closet combined to make a
    necessity for fishing today. However, the trip was more of a walk along
    the river than anything, but it's not often us New England folk get a
    chance for that in January.

    I cast a little, mostly with buggers and streamers, but found little
    (size 20 or so) dark green nymphs (yeah, that's as scientific as I get)
    flourishing around the stones. I tied a few matching patterns on, but
    had as much success with those as the buggers and streamers. Mainly I
    wanted to check out the performance of my new Sage DS 485-4 and was
    quite pleased. It cast the buggers with ease and made good presentation
    with the small stuff. I think I'll like this rod.

    I ran into no one else on the portion of the river I fished, and it was
    a pleasure just to be out on it again. Happy 2005!
    -- TL

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    A reminder to folks that Sage is replacing the DS2 line with "Launch"
    rods, so it may be possible in the next few months to pick up some
    bargains on the DS2s......

    Thanks for the TR. Always nice to read this time of year.

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