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    Twice Grilled Duck

    Several years ago while at my PA hunting camp, our crew decided to head to the Pine Creek Inn for dinner. The group consisted mainly of 45 or so year olds, two of our fathers, and a couple of then-teens one of which was just past the legal driving age. The middle-agers, yourself included, threw a mean cocktail hour that night and off we went to the restaurant. Since opening day for deer was still a couple days away, let's just say that the bartender did well in tips that night. As we left, my life long friend said, "I've had way too much to drink, so J&%&l (name with held to protect the guilty), here are my keys. You're driving us home in my Cadillac truck". Everything went fairly well with most of the "old guys" falling asleep or cracking jokes as we bounced down PA's dusty back roads in the dark. At one point, a large dark brown bird flew right in front of the truck. Several of us saw it, but figured it was just a grouse that we had missed.

    Fast forward to the next morning. The camp was stirring and the hangovers were setting in for some. As guys tumbled out of their bunks and slowly moved in the direction of the kitchen (and much needed coffee), I heard first one person laughing and then he was quickly joined by several others. Not wanting to miss whatever was happening, I quickly pulled on some pants and joined the now growing crew standing in the living room of our trailer and pointing out the window towards the expensive truck. There, smack in the middle of a $1,300 Cadillac grill, was a black duck. We didn't miss that mystery bird after all. After a quick extraction, it was decided that in the evening we would grill this duck along with multiple bunny rabbits and grouse we had shot the day before.

    Hence, twice grilled duck.

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    Re: Twice Grilled Duck

    I had a similar experience when I was 17, group of ducks flew by my car and I swore I hit one - saw feathers fly but as I slowed I saw nothing in my rearview mirror. Pulled a quick u - turn to make sure I didn't leave it suffering and found nothing. Continued home. After I got out of the car I checked the front to see if I could see any more feathers, and low and behold a duck's head is hanging out of my grill. Granted it was a Buick and not a $1,300 Cadillac grill..but the second I saw that picture it brought back that dead duck staring up at me and looking into my soul from my grill

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