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    Caddis NEFF Guest

    Hatch Charts now available.

    It's not the prettiest looking thing right now, but it's functional. Click on the "Nj Hatch Info" link up top to see the hatch info.

    I'll make it look a little nicer in the next few days.

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    The hatch charts look good... Is there a way we can link the names of flies to pages that have pics and descriptions.

    By the way, your red quill compradun looks great online. Do you have a high quality digital cam? - or are you using something with lower resolution like a web cam. The wife and I are looking into digital cams and I read somewhere that if you want up to 5x7 prints on standard kodak paper you should stick with 3 mp or higher. Anyway, you can get away with much less for web quality, but I can never get my cheesy web cam to give me pics as good as the one you posted of your red quill.

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    Caddis NEFF Guest

    Thumbs up Fly hatch chart w/photo's / digicam.

    Absolutely. I can have a drop down box by each chart with each fly listed in it. When you click on the fly you
    want, it will bring up a Photo, a small description, as well as how to tie it. That's the good news. The bad news is, are you aware of how many flies are out there and how long it would take to print them all? Maybe if I do 2 or 3 per night depending on what the hatch chart is like...

    The photo of the red quill was taken with a Nikon 990 digital camera. If you're looking to go 5*7, and you don't have or don't want to spend so much money, cannon makes a great little camera for an extremely affordable price. I've seen photos taken with it, and they would be fine for printing out a 5*7 photo. These Canon's are under $500, and will do exactly what you're looking to do. This camera is not a "web cam" though, it's a point and shoot regular digital camera.

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