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Thread: H. Allen Smith

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    H. Allen Smith

    I've twice found fly fishing artifacts of interest enough to me to buy.

    First it was an old, two handed Leonard bamboo Atlantic Salmon rod from 1905.

    The rod has classic Leonard red wraps, with intermediates.

    And it is inscribed with the name of one Thora Strong, daughter of Doctor Charles Strong, a surgeon with ties to the Erie railroad and significant local mining interests as well.

    A bit of digging showed that Thora married into the Lorillard family, sort of, I suppose, like marrying into the family of Phillip Morris or RJ Reynolds, which made her marriage perhaps the biggest in Pennsylvania in the first half of the 20th century.

    Her husband was a Rough Rider. No joke. Rode with Teddy Roosevelt himself.

    And her name is inscribed on this old Salmon rod.

    Probably a gift from dad, who was probably himself a club fisherman in New Brunswick and perhaps the Erie area, if there were a fishery of interest at that time to a man of great wealth.

    Yesterday I found a book called "Currents and Eddies, " by William Schaldach.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    And I found this interesting inscription inside the front cover.

    Not by the author of the book, but by one H. Allen Smith, addressed to one Bill Bradley.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Mr. Smith himself is an author of note from the Second World War era, and died in 1976.

    H. Allen Smith - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    I have no idea who Bill Bradley may or may not be.

    I suspect it isn't the former New York Knickerbocker turned New Jersey Senator, and presidential candidate.

    Why not?

    H. Allen Smith died in 1976.

    But the mystery is tantalizing enough to inspire more research into the chain of custody of this fly fishing artifact.

    Which I suspect is common in our sport, to find books and bamboo rods that were once owned by the rich and powerful Americans that partook of the sport long before any of us were born.

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    Re: H. Allen Smith

    Thats pretty damn cool.

    Any pics of the rod?

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