Keep in mind that it's just a tad past mid August and before you know it fall fly fishing and the start of the fly tying season will be once again upon us. For all the tyers who tye mainly in the fall through winter month's, it's time to start thinking of buying Hooks, Tools and materials. Keep in mind that tyers will start to hit the shops and catalogs a little bit later and buy things they need or want. This will make materials harder to get or be out of stock for just a little bit. So it's time to start putting a list of things you need or want for the upcoming tying season and start to make purchases. I have seen quite a few tyers look for an item that normally is easy to get and realize they can not find it for a little while. I know to some of you tyers out thier this does not affect you at all. I tye and order year round so it does not affect me either. This reminder is geared more the new or the seasonal tyers.