Yes, most assuredly! I was fortunate to have met, on the Willowemoc, Ed Van Put who at the time was working for NYS DEC tallying catch rate census data on the Willowemoc. Ed would come around a couple of times a day. My buddy and I used to camp at the Power Lines and we got to know Ed and he saw that we were very serious about our fly fishing. Back then we were purely into the numbers game and fished nymphs all the time unless fish were actively rising.

Well he would come around and we'd say we caught a dozen, then he'd be back two hours later and we were up to twenty, then maybe at the end of the day we'd hit thirty browns. One important comment I want to make is back in the beginning of the No Kill water on the Willowemoc and Beaverkill is there were very few larger browns and virtually no rainbows. We caught lots of 9" - 13" browns, pretty good numbers of 14" browns, and once in awhile a 15" fish. It took me years to catch a 16" brown on the Willowemoc and it was behind the Rest Area on the Quickway.

Ditto for the Beaverkill although I do remember starting to catch bigger, 16" - 18" browns there long before the Willowemoc. Anyway I'm digressing from my point. Ed got to like us and he had started to fish the main stem a few years prior, possibly from hearing about it from Harry Darbee. After knowing Ed a year or two he told us to "go over the mountain" to Hankins and fish Kellam's Bridge for big and wild rainbows. So that is how I first learned of the main stem. I fished Kellam's for a couple of years until we learned about the Third Riff and how to get permission from the Adam's family to drive onto their property and park opposite about the lower end of the Riff. We fished there for years without hardly ever seeing anyone else. That is where I honed my nymphing skills and where I really got to see big fish rising.

It wasn't until much later, maybe ten years, that I got invited to fish what at that time could only have been considered a fly fisher's Shangri-La but that is another story.

I have some other journal entries that are, by today's catch rates, pretty embarrassing to publish for fear I'd either be labeled as the biggest BS'er of all time of suffering severe delusions of grander.