How about a fly swap consisting of twelve tyers. Flies can be any pattern you choose (meaning wets', Dry's, Nymphs, Streamers, Emergers). First twelve tyers to sign up the swap closes and will be posted as full. Sign-up dead line is 1/1/2011. Flies due to my house no later than February 15, 2011. I will take pictures and post all the flies on line. When swap is full or the sign-up date is reached I will then provide my mailing address. If the swap is full that means each tyer will need to tye 11 flies of the pattern of there choice. When signing up please provide the pattern that you will tye. If not sure please inform me of the pattern you choose when you figure it out.

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In the swap so far:

1) Andy B tying The Lead Wing Coachman
2) draku007 Tying a Polish Woven Nymph
3) Broadheadscreek Tying TBD (To be determined)
4) trico mike Tying Arndilly Hairwing
5) BRK TRT Tying Ausable Bomber
6) brough Tying CDC Olive or Derrens Stone
7) Bobby_Wilds Tying Rainbow Warrior or Zebra Midge or Usual
8) KennebecRiver Rat Tying a Synthetic Fly for Salt Water Species

There is a total of 4 spots still open for any one who wants to join.

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