I'm sitting here scrolling the internet and thinking, wouldn't it be nice to offer a Calendar with your favorite trout fishing photo's.

What I would like to do is offer Everyone a Calendar based on photo's you post onto this site or or use existing ones.

I'm not into fishing for $$$, but I cannot give this stuff away for free. Paper and Inc costs $$$. The only way you would be charged is if you're completely satisfied with what you get.

I think for a reasonable price I will be able to offer such a service to you.

Photo's will only be printed on high quality paper (Trust me, this stuff looks good). Photo's would only be printed out to the max size of the resolution of the photo. What this means is that if you have a 4 inch 72dpi photo, you won't get much more than a 4" photo printed out on a calendar page.

Any photo's posted by Dennis or Caddis (both me), are all available for high quality print outs (Much higher than what is posted).

Please tell me what you think and please tell me what you would pay for something like this.


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