Hi guys, this is a call for all who frequent this site to try and come to our, (CFTG) next meeting and see the Legend, Mary Dette tye for us. Normally our Oct. meeting is at the CFFC&M but this year we are having it at the Rockland House on Rockland Road in Roscoe, N.Y. becasue we expect a real good turnout. As you (should) know Mary is the only surviving member of the two great families of Catskill fly tying. Her parents, (Walt and Winnie) along with the Darbees, (Harry and Elsie) started the Catskill style singlehandedly in a word. They put together the first catalog that commercially sold Catskill style flies. The two families were in business together in the beginning and then went their seperate ways and both were very successful in keeping the style alive and eventually making it world famous. To this day Mary still tyes wth no bobbin and uses only white thread. Her flies are works of art that work. If you really want to understand what the style is all about, be there. Remember, if you snooze, you loose. AND NOW! For any of you who would like to tye flies at the Danbury, Conn. show on Jan. 2,3,4 in Danbury, Conn. Please come to the meeting on the 16th of Oct. and join the CFTG and or come to a meeting in Nov. or Dec. both on the third Sat. of the month at the Rockland House in Roscoe at 1:00 p.m. and join the club then. Once your a member you can help us out at the Danbury show. You'll have to let me know which days and times you'd like to tye and i'll sign you up and do my best to accommodate your request. There will also be a chance to help out in Somerset N.J. both in Nov. (if you join in time) and in Jan. So, "come on down," mark(willowhead)

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