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    Rental kayaks and boats on the nyc reservoirs in the future...

    If any of you ever thought of fishing the reservoirs, but didn't want to be bothered by all those pesky regulations dealing with bringing your own boat...
    DEP announces program for watershed businesses to store rental kayaks and canoes ant NYC reservoirs

    By WBNG News
    May 9, 2013Updated May 9, 2013 at 1:45 PM EDT

    (WBNG Binghamton) New York City Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Carter Strickland on Thursday announced that, for the first time, approved boat rental businesses in the Catskills will be able to store kayaks and canoes alongside four City reservoirs, providing another boost to the tourism economy by making it easier for businesses to rent recreational boats to visitors.

    More than a dozen businesses have already expressed interest in storing rental boats alongside the Cannonsville, Pepacton, Neversink and Schoharie reservoirs, where recreational boating is allowed with the appropriate permits.

    “DEP is committed to expanding outdoor recreational opportunities and supporting the tourism economy in the Catskills,” Commissioner Strickland said. “By providing storage for rental kayaks and canoes at the reservoirs, it will now be easier for visitors to enjoy boating on our reservoirs without having to buy and maintain their own boat.”

    DEP has worked with the Catskill Watershed Corporation (CWC) to acquire 30 storage racks that will each hold four rental boats. CWC is also soliciting information from local businesses that rent boats, including how many boats they would like to store, and which launch sites they would prefer to use. Businesses will be vetted and approved through a request-for-proposals process.

    “The CWC is happy to continue to support DEP’s recreational boating program by providing funds for boat racks,” CWC Executive Director Alan Rosa said. “The racks will allow safe, neat storage of canoes and kayaks, including rental boats that will enable folks that don’t own one to enjoy some quality time on the water.”

    To protect the quality of the water in the reservoirs, the rental kayaks and canoes will be steam cleaned before they are stored inside the racks at each of the four reservoirs. Because they will not leave the reservoirs, the boats will not need to be steam cleaned after each use. Local businesses will determine the cost of renting the boats. Visitors using the rental boats still must obtain an access permit, free of charge, from DEP and boaters may still use personal kayaks and canoes on the reservoirs, so long as they are steam cleaned to avoid the spread of invasive species.

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    Re: Rental kayaks and boats on the nyc reservoirs in the future...

    The NYC reservoirs have some decent trout fishing, Im glad to see easier access to their waters. I find that most of the resivoirs have some pretty good shoreline fly fishing. But sometimes there are fish rising JUST out of reach and it would really help to have a boat.

    This might be the year I put a boat on the Neversink..

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