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    Catskill Moose??

    I received a telephone call on Friday evening, my friend was driving on Rt 17 near Rock Hill and said there was a cow Moose standing on the side of the highway...Of course I asked him how many Pilsners he drank but he insisted it was a Moose...I have hunted with him for years and we have encountered Moose many times during hunting and fishing trips so I have to take his word...

    Anyone hear about or seen a Moose in the Catskills??

    I remember a few wondered down the Mohawk Valley over the years and we did have one in the Northern Catskills but never heard of one that far South...

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    Re: Catskill Moose??

    Considering we had one in NJ a few years back, it's not a surprise. The NJ moose came down from NY into PA, swam over the Delaware into the lower Paulinskill River area and back across and north from there. That was a young bull. These creatures are expanding back into their traditional grounds in spite of man's existence and will continue to do so. We used to have a ski house in VT and there were no moose there in the 70s and 80s when we owned the place. Now they see them regularly (Waitsfield/Warren area). It is more common for a young bull to wander around looking for new territory than a cow. Watch your backcasts

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    Re: Catskill Bigfoot

    Perhaps it wasn't a Moose at all.

    Article source: (/ CORRECTION - Bigfoot Hunters Heading to Catskill, New York to Investigate Several Sightings of a Family of Bigfoot, June 26-June 28, 2008)

    CATSKILL, NY and MENLO PARK, CA -- 06/23/08 -- The news release, "Bigfoot Hunters Heading to Catskill, New York to Investigate Several Sightings of a Family of Bigfoot, June 26-June 28, 2008," issued earlier today, was sourced to Great American Bigfoot Research Organization. However, the source of the release should be Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. Complete corrected text follows.

    Bigfoot Hunters Heading to Catskill, New York to Investigate Several Sightings of a Family of Bigfoot, June 26-June 28, 2008
    Expedition to Be Open to Journalists and the Media
    CATSKILL, NY and MENLO PARK, CA--(June 23, 2008) - Bigfoot Hunter, Tom Biscardi, and his Searching For Bigfoot team, are currently en route to Catskill, New York where on June 26th through June 28th, they will follow up on very recent sightings of a family of creatures commonly referred to as Bigfoot. The Bigfoot sightings have occurred several times in the past six weeks on the rural property of a family in Catskill, New York. (The exact names and locations are being kept secret to avoid a media circus and to protect the creatures.)

    Tom Biscardi explained, according to his East Coast associates, Steve Kulls and Becky Sawyer, that they said, "they have seen several creatures, big ones and small ones, all on separate occasions." "It appears that the Bigfoot pod they have been seeing may be a family unit," according to Biscardi.

    "The details of these sightings in Catskill, New York and other sightings that my team will be investigating in early July in North Carolina, were so specific and detailed, that we will be bringing some very sophisticated capture gear with us. The team and I will be driving from our base in Menlo Park, California to investigate these sightings in full detail," according to Biscardi.

    The other evidence they will be investigating, according to Biscardi, is from a resident in Old Fort, North Carolina, who says he has found a primate skull that could possibly be from a Bigfoot.
    Biscardi has spent over thirty years trying to capture a Bigfoot, and over the past three years, Biscardi and his team have been crossing America and parts of Canada following up on the hottest Bigfoot leads and sightings.

    In August 2007, a documentary called "Bigfoot Lives," produced by Tom Biscardi and filmmaker Todd D. Bailey, won the prize for Best Documentary at the Pocono Mountains Film Festival.

    Biscardi will be using a mix of old fashioned hunting sense and high technology to try to locate and capture the creatures on this expedition.
    Journalists interested in joining the Bigfoot expedition in Catskill, New York and in Old Fort, North Carolina can submit their inquiries to Robert Barrows, President of R.M. Barrows, Inc. Advertising and Public Relations at 205 Park Rd., #208, Burlingame, California, 94010, Telephone: 650-344-1951. They should be in excellent health and experienced in the outdoors.
    Information about this expedition and previous Bigfoot sightings by Biscardi is available at Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. is headquartered in Menlo Park, California, 650-566-4001.
    Biscardi can also be heard on his weekly Bigfoot radio show on the internet at every Wednesday at 7:00pm PDT.

    Tom Biscardi and the Searching For Bigfoot team will also be available for interviews in the New York City area between June 28th and June 30th. After that, they will head to Old Fort, North Carolina to follow up on the possible Bigfoot skull.

    For additional information on Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. and this expedition, contact Robert Barrows at R.M. Barrows, Inc. Advertising and Public Relations at 650-344-1951.
    For more information, contact:
    Robert Barrows
    R.M. Barrows, Inc. Advertising and Public Relations
    Burlingame, California
    Tel: 650-344-1951

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