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Thread: A wonderful ending to 2012

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    A wonderful ending to 2012

    New Years eve I was given the chance to fish a few hours on a smallstream. We had recieved a good snow fall and the trail as well as the access to the waters edge was a challenge. The air temp was about 25, but sunny. I had been fishing wet flies and was not having much success. A few half hearted attempts was all I enjoyed.

    As I approached this run I saw what appeared to be a rise. Moving closer I put my foot down on what I thought was firm ground, I was wrong. It was a leaf pile and it gave way and sent my foot into the water. Normally that's not bad but I had only leather boots on and that equaled a really wet foot.
    At that time I should have called it a day, but decided to stick it out for a spell.

    I noticed quite a few of these guys on the snow. I changed flies and put on a EH Caddis.

    My foot was starting to get numb, and I knew the time was close for me to leave. I said a half dozen more casts in this pool and I was leaving I don't remember which cast it was, but a trout rose to the caddis just off the point of the stick.

    The little 2wt did its job and a moment later this wild brook trout was at hand. A quick photo and off he went.
    The walk back to the car was not to bad even with the half frozen foot. A wonderful way to end the year.

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    Re: A wonderful ending to 2012

    Great story and pictures as always. Nothing warms a numb foot like catching a beautiful fish.

    I also saw a little dark stonefly crawling in the snow on Jan. 1st. Forget the hatch charts; it's amazing how at least a few of those flies are present in our healthy little streams on just about every day of the year.

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    Re: A wonderful ending to 2012

    pretty fish and nice story....the winter time always seems to be a time of reflecting on the past year of fishing experiences rather than the fishing itself on that given day, and it only takes one like fish you have pictured to leave the woods satisfied. Nice job

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