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Wild native brook, brown, rainbow trout in new jersey

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After viewing post after post on different website threads and columns I couldn't hold back from discussing the touchy subject of native trout In New Jersey or anywhere else in the world. Me being a fly fisher for a couple years now I have decided to touch up a little on the subject on my own by doing the right thing and getting my sage set up in my packing tube along with some Beatle ant and some other natural looking flys in my case and walking Around a bit in the woods. Of course after already doing a little homework with the help of the cabelas app on my iPhone. The app is wonderful and have different views of topo maps and birds eye view. Anywho after hiking for a little not too far from my house my homework paid off by me seeing for my first time ever some beautiful wild brook trout in the strem. Flipped my first fly out there a Beatle. A couple casts later BAM! First native on the line. But this was no brookie I was shocked! After reading a lot on this subject and being told there are not many strems in north jersey know to have more than one species of wild native trout I knew I had done my homework correctly and man what a pay off. I always practice good professional catch and release and now can't wait for Monday to get back up there with my buddy and walk the stream side cleaning it and making sure our secret spot stays maintained for the years to come so my children one day can walk in my footsteps And catch some of the worlds most beautiful fish ever. I will be sure to post some pictures Monday when I go back up to show you all how beautiful these fish are. May not be huge but definitely a challenge for any fly fisher.
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