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Five deadly sins!

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If you could only take 5 flies with you to the west branch of the big D at this time of year what flies would you bring?i have a friend heading up there this weekend and I offered him my advice. I'm curious to see what you guys would bring up! Post away!!
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  1. Big_Spinner's Avatar
    Hi there,

    Rivers are a bit low for this time of year, but fishing has been pretty good.

    Bead head flashback pheasant tail in 14 just a great all around fly

    Black nymhomaniac in 16 doug swisher pattern that works well for little stones, available at WBA

    single egg orange in 6 self explanatory

    bead head black woolly bugger in 6 in case nymphs are not doing it, throwing a streamer more fun than unproductive nymphing

    Black stonefly dry in 14 just in case you see a rise!!!
  2. hookalipmike's Avatar
    Very nice! I throw the black stonefly in a 12 I also use the beadhead pheasant tail tied with a grey thorax and olive rib,white zonkers, Clouser crayfish with a green sponge back for a molted look, and finally a red and black hellgrammite woven bodied! Oh and don't count out a pink San- Juan ! I like big flies even in low water! I fish the tail out of big stretches mainly but when the water is low i move up to the white water for quick strikes!i recommend that crayfish all year long for big browns !Thanks for posting!
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