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new fly fisherman moving to narrowsburg ny looking for help.

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i was born in ny, and have ocean fished every summer and winter when i visit. im moving back from california after 16 years. i just went fly fishing for the first time the other day and fell in love. my buddy has been a life long fly fisherman and showed us a bunch of techniques and how to fly fish. my brother in law has a spot up in narrowsburg and i heard theres fly fishing up there. i'm looking for help on what kind of kit i should buy. like pole size and line weight for the rivers in upstate ny. if anyone can give advice or help id be very greatful. thank you.
good luck and happy holidays
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  1. tomfly's Avatar
    As far a rod; cast a few. Most fly shops will allow you to sample cast them. Find one that you feel comfortable with. The rod is an extension of you, what feels like a great casting rod for some may not be right for others. You should be able to get a decent rod for under $275. The reel is the least important for trout fishing. ( Salmon, steelhead and Ocean fishing you would need a quality drag on the reel) ) a $20 dollar reel holds the line just as well a $1000 dollar reel. I would suggest a 5 or 6 weight outfit. (Best all around weight class.) For a line get a floating weight forward line.
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  2. dragonfly's Avatar
    visit roscoe,see evan at catskill flies or any shop there and they will fix you up.also join the trout unlimited club upper delaware.
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