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    I have developed this pattern to imamate a black caddis larva in the woody case that it inhabits. This fly has produced fish in the KLG and the Point Mountain section of the Musky. This Fly is best fished on the bottom. I found that it works best in the early to mid spring. If you choose to use it tell me what you think. It is an ugly fly but that is the beauty of it. I have found that the uglier that it is the better it works.

    Hook Mustad 3665A size 12 or equivalent

    Tie in led wire to weight fly

    Build underbody with wire

    Wrap thread over lead wire and apply head cement and allow time to dry.

    Tie in 3 to 5 pheasant tail fibers

    Twist fibers together with hackle pliers.

    Wrap body add fibers as needed.

    Wrap body ¾ of the shank and coat with head cement. I like to use head cement rather then lacquer because it leaves a milky miscue look to the body (more natural)

    Dub a small amount of Rabbit or Synthetic fur. I find that shades of Olive, Cream or Green work best.

    Tie in a Peacock herl for the head and wrap

    Tie off and whipfinish.

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