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  1. Where can I catch my first trout

    Ive never caught a trout on a fly rod and really want to. I live in hampton falls NH and I was wondering if there was any places within around 10miles (biking distance), that would hold trout this time of year that I could fly fish for. Maybe what flys should I use also.
  2. Catch & Release Vol 1

    The Evolution of a Flyfisherman

    I have been fishing for almost 37 years. I started out as I guess most fisherman do. I had my spincasting rod and reel with a bucket of worms, some eagle claw hooks, a bobber, and a dream. Over time I upgraded my equipment, my outlook, and my options for fishing. A reel spinning rod, ultralight reel, lures, moving water an hour from where I lived. Ultimately I evolved as I believe many fisherman have to the most noble of all art forms..Flyfishing. ...